Dolphin Review

In our class this morning we all watched a short clip called Disappearing dolphins. It was about Dolphins disappearingĀ  in the Amvrakikos Gulf . The Amvrakikos Gulf is a semi enclose body of water on the west coast of Greece.150 Bottlenose dolphins live there. The Bottlenose dolphin is the most wide spred and best known of all cetaceans. Commercial fishing was banned because all the dolphins would die from getting there fins caught in fishing nets. The fishermen would be sad because the less dolphins there was the less sardines. A group of fishermen from Italy came to Greece to research on the Bottlenose dolphins. You would use to see dolphins every day but now you would only see once a month. Giovanni Bearzi is the president of Tethys research instatute and trying to find the mystery behind the disappearing dolphins. Sardines are the bottlenose’s food for the day. Giovanni has a second place where he finds bottlenose dolphins. That place is called Kalamos. Kalamos is only 10km away from the Amvrakikos Gulf. Because all these people fish all the dolphins start to disappear. The dolphins are very energetic and happy to be around humans. In this time now common dolphins are very rare. Kalamos is the dolphins only stronghold in the ionian sea. On the island of Kalamos Giovanni runs a field station. The field station is where all students and scientists come from all over europe to conduct research and work to conserve the common dolphins. In 1995 there would be 150 dolphins but now there is only 15. 16 fishing areas surround Kalamos.

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