High Flyer – famous Person From Adelaide

Wilhelm Ernst Hans Franz Heysen, born on 8 October 1877 in Hamburg, Germany, came to South Australia with his family in 1884 when he was seven years old. His father, a merchant of modest means, had come out ahead of the family to get a place, work and establish himself.Consequently the family moved several times, young Hans attended a number of different schools between 1885 and 1892. During the school holidays he often visited friends in Hahndorf, which he liked very much. He had shown an early interest in art, especially drawing and painting, and was pleased with the rural landscape of Hahndorf. As early as 1899 a local paper wrote, Hans Heysen may fairly be described as the coming landscape artist of South Australia.His examples of Australian scenery displayed at the annual exhibition of the Society of Arts have attracted considerable attention, and general admiration has been expressed at the excellence of his work’.Heysen had more than thirty major exhibitions and won the prestigious Wynne Prize for landscape painting nine times between 1904 and 1932. Heysen was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1945 and knighted in 1959.

Heysen had more than thirty major exhibitions and won the prestigious Wynne Prize for landscape painting nine times between 1904 and 1932. Heysen was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1945 and knighted in 1959.Hans Heysen, one of South Australia’s most significant and popular artist, and his wife Selma, lived at The Cedars for the rest of their lives. Hans died in 1968. His daughter Nora was the only one of his children to follow in his footsteps. She became an established artist in her own right.



High Flyer Disscusion

I personally think that the High Flyer program is aimed at developing a variety of skills and achievements . Mum also agrees with what i think that about the program . My mum likes the fact that many aspects of the program , and skills needed to completethe program are transferable to good life skills . So this term i am confident and put in the effort to achieve term 3’s qualities.


Impresionistic Art Piece

Impresionistic art uses colour , line and shape to express the artist’s, thoughts , feelings and ideas.

I called my art piece Ocean Flow because it reminds me of the ocean and peaceful sounds. the design i chose was a greeny-blue and a light blue to give it an ocean feel. I kind of drew swirls and random lines i think it turned out really good. When i was about to draw my picture i thought of peaceful and quiet and that’s when i came up with the idea of the ocean. I was going to choose a white colour just to outline the other two colours but i decided to just go with the flow.


My Experiences In Week 1 And 2

Hi everyone,

We have just come back from our holidays and back at school working. My experiences in maths is that how the time zones are created in the world. We focused on telling the time when your in different countries. I now know that times on the east of the GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time ) you add an hour for every 15 degrees you are further away from the GMT. It’s the same on the west side but you take away the hours for how many degrees you are away from the GMT. We have also been learning about how to write good quality sentences. In a good sentence there should be a Pointer, Quantifier and a Qualifier. I will give you an example of a good quality sentence.

The three awesome, talented singers went to Sydney to perform their Australian tour.

That what i have learnt so far this term.


Nationals Are Coming Up Soon !!!

Hi everyone,

Nationals are coming up soon for squash. The AJC ( Australian Junior Championships ) are been held in Sydney and are in the end of september. I cant wait. You can only go to the AJC if you are picked for the state team. You can play the individual matches but you can only play in the team if you are picked for the state team. The different age groups are under 13 boys and girls,  under 15 boys and girls, under 17 boys and girls and under 19 boys and girls. Wish me luck .


Book Club Review

Which character would you like to be your friend ? why ?. Give supporting reasons to clarify your choice.

The book I’m reading at the moment i called Jane Blonde by Jill Marshall . The character i would like as my friend is Jane Blonde because she is smart and intelligent and that would help me because if I’m stuck with anything or need she would be there for me. I think that she is cool, funny and very responsible. If i was upset or feeling down she would cheer me up and make me feel happy. They are the reasons why i would like Jane Blonde to be my friend.

PRP – Personal Research Project

Hi everyone,

As a task in class we have to do a personal research project. A personal research project is where you pick a topic of your choice and do some research on it. You can present your PRP in anyway you like. For my personal research project i am thinking of research on Fiji. I chose Fiji because i have been there and i would like to tell the class about how great and friendly the place is. On the topic of Fiji i would like to learn more about how the kids learn in there schools and go into Suva ( which is the main city ) and look in the markets and see what the atmosphere would be like. I am going to do my presentation on PowerPoint.

So now i hope you know why i have chosen Fiji.


Best Soccer team EVERRR Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC are the best soccer team ever. Everyone thinks that Manchester united are better but i think that Chelsea FC are killa. KM thinks that chelsea FC are the best and DA thinks that chelsea FC are the best ever ( i call DA the ”so called chelsea fan” ) . This is the current team. ( updated 1st of June) They also came 3rd last sesson. Manchester united came first.

GK Petr Čech
2 Flag of Serbia DF Branislav Ivanović
3 Flag of England DF Ashley Cole
5 Flag of Ghana MF Michael Essien
6 Flag of Portugal DF Ricardo Carvalho
8 Flag of England MF Frank Lampard (vice-captain)
9 Flag of Argentina FW Franco Di Santo
10 Flag of England FW Joe Cole
11 Flag of Côte d'Ivoire FW Didier Drogba
12 Flag of Nigeria MF John Obi Mikel
13 Flag of Germany MF Michael Ballack
14 Flag of Peru FW Claudio Pizarro
15 Flag of France MF Florent Malouda
16 Flag of England FW Scott Sinclair
No.   Position Player
17 Flag of Portugal DF José Bosingwa
19 Flag of Portugal DF Paulo Ferreira
20 Flag of Portugal MF Deco
21 Flag of Côte d'Ivoire FW Salomon Kalou
26 Flag of England DF John Terry (captain)
27 Flag of Brazil MF Mineiro
30 Flag of Wales GK Rhys Taylor
33 Flag of Brazil DF Alex
35 Flag of Brazil DF Juliano Belletti
39 Flag of France FW Nicolas Anelka
40 Flag of Portugal GK Henrique Hilário
42 Flag of England DF Michael Mancienne
43 Flag of Slovakia FW Miroslav Stoch
50 Flag of England MF Jacob Mellis

My favourite players are Petr Cech, Ricardo Carvalho, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Michael Ballack, Jose Bosingwa, Deco, John Terry and Nicolas Anelka.

SO now i hope you will go for Chelsea FC because they rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SAPSASA Soccer Tournament

On the 15th – 19th of June SC, KM, DA, TN, EM, RP and KM made it into the SAPSASA tournament. They were chosen to play in a week long soccer festival which we all thought was heaps of fun. We all played for the Airport SAPSASA team and we played 8 oth districters in our division. The girls Airport SAPSASA team was very successful and came equal first with Torrens River while the boys team finished 8th in division 1. Our first match was against Sailsbury and we had a hard game. The score ended up being 3-2. I cant remember the other scores. I think that we all had fun and i hope all the best for next years Airport team.


From Stacey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!™

Power Community Youth Group

On the 23rd of June the Power Community Youth Group came to talk to us about tobacco usage and what it does to you. Wade Thompson ( Port Adelaide Football Club ) , Moronia Gerrard ( Adelaide Thunderbirds Netball Club ) , Jonathon Giles ( Port Adelaide Football Club ) and Matt Thomas ( Port Adelaide Footbal Club ) came and talked to us. They told us that there were some harmful chemicals are in a cigarette. Smokers send $10 000 on cigarettes in 10 years and smoking can harm unborn babies. I also learnt the consequences of having to decied to be friends and smoke risking getting diseases and cancer or don’t smoke and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The knowledge i gained from the lesson was that smoking can effect your health in the worst ways. I really enjoyed the session